Nikki Blakk visit and matching shirts. 

Our good friend and Bay Area Radio Metal Goddess Nikki Blakk stopped by today.   Her and Fernando happened to be wearing complimentry Death Angel shirts!   Local fan favorites!!   She was helping out a band looking for some cool guitar stuff.  We found a little something to help and that was that.

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Tim is a little Verklempt!

Tim vs Neck Break

Tim vs Neck Break  ( you know who wins)

We get 2 to 3 guitar peghead breaks per Week. Ranging from simple glue up to multiple laminations and full touch up.
The best part is always seeing the face of the guitar owner when they see how well it can go together and many times can not even see the crack.
One of the best things you can do if you ever have a crack is to glue it up as soon as you can. This keeps the 2 sides from shrinking or expanding independently.

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Lock a Floyd trem on the fly

Schaller has made this little arm locking gnome forever.  I never took it too seriously due to the fact that you would have a silly lump on your guitar.  Until a guitar came in and the customer was raving about it.   Sure enough, it is great.  Does exactly what is asked of it.   The only downside is the double stick tape that is used to mount it may leave a mark or worse pull paint when you remove it,

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My Conversation with Albert King

I was just reminded of a conversation I had a long while back with the great Albert King.   Albert’s people brought in his flying V for a refret.  

While at that time I did not know as much as I could about Albert, I knew enough to have a healthy amount of nerves and excitement. 

ALBERT calls to talk about it. We get the frets figured out then I ask 

ME.     “Albert, how do you like your action”. 


ME “.     It’s how high your strings are.


ME      ” low medium or high”.


Then I tried to make some small talk that Dan Erlewine who built his oversize V was a friend …… It was getting hard to understand at that point!

Memories!   I may have photos somewhere ?? This is not my photo…….. Just for fun!


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A well tied Classical bridge.  Looks so nice.  

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