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OK, says it right here !!!



IMG_2577Tim and I (and Plek not pictured) teaming up on Joe’s 3 new guitars.  Some new frets a couple Sustainiac’s and lots of guitar loving.   It was fun to see the development of the 24 fret version of the JS guitar last year.  So much went into making it all come together, mainly Joe’s ear and feel that guided the changes.   Looks like this year you can get the Sustainiac with the guitar!  Keep and eye out for it.

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Neck Repair Trick on a Dobro

The client is on the road and needed a quick fix.

Problem is the neck was pulling off in such a way that made a simple glue up impossible.  We would either have to remover the fingerboard  and rebuild the neck joint or find another way.   The other way was to use a right angle drill and screw the neck back tight from the inside.  Luckily there was enough room to get in there.

The fingerboard was well attached to the body so we felt confident that screwing the heal back on tight would be a good fix.  In the end it looks like the neck is more secure than when it was built.

Tim happened to have the magic Festool right angle drill ready to go!!

Neck fixIMG_3339IMG_3343IMG_3344

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How do we polish frets?

We were asked recently how we got frets to look so good.  There a few methods to get to the same result.  Here are a couple.  One way is to use small fret polishing wheels that we shape to the contour of the frets and use different grits to bring the fret up to a slick feeling polish.   The large wheel works great to polish the frets and the fingerboard.  The goal is a smooth and slick bending fret and have the fingerboard not feel sticky under your fingers.

Fret polishStew mac


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More 80’s The Power Preamp!

We installed quite a few of this things along with Alembic Stratoblasters and Bartolini Chips etc…..  I did not find the preamp but found some of the preamp tone modules hidden in a box.

I have way too many boxes….

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Biggest thing in the 80’s, Ferrington.

It was the biggest thing in the 80’s, everyone had a Ferrington.

You could get that electric feel and “Acoustic” sound.

Ben happend to get a pair in here at Real Guitars and the memories came rushing back.

I still have a drawer of replacement pickups!!  The string tension had a way of breaking the top of the pickup.






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