My Conversation with Albert King

I was just reminded of a conversation I had a long while back with the great Albert King.   Albert’s people brought in his flying V for a refret.  

While at that time I did not know as much as I could about Albert, I knew enough to have a healthy amount of nerves and excitement. 

ALBERT calls to talk about it. We get the frets figured out then I ask 

ME.     “Albert, how do you like your action”. 


ME “.     It’s how high your strings are.


ME      ” low medium or high”.


Then I tried to make some small talk that Dan Erlewine who built his oversize V was a friend …… It was getting hard to understand at that point!

Memories!   I may have photos somewhere ?? This is not my photo…….. Just for fun!


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A well tied Classical bridge.  Looks so nice.  


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I found an easier way to sharpen knives.

    This very cool attachment  slides over the back of japanese knives to keep an even sharpening angle.  I got mine at Hida tools, one of the last great Japanese tool stores.

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Shop Upgrade 

I have been on a rug buying binge!  I think it’s looking a little nicer.   

  Fern is checking it out looking for bumps Carefeully stacking the cool guitars while we give them a new home 

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I’m starting a section called Weird, Odd, Rare or Old 

Here is something that may have all 4 and then some of the categories.   

Looks like Schaller made this for Gibson.  What’s unique about this bridge is the rail connecting the roller cam to the bridge forcing the bridge to rock with the string movement.  It’s a great way to reduce friction of the strings sliding over the bridge.  Not unlike a Fender Jazzmaster where the bridge is designed to rock with the movement of the strings.  It’s been a while since I actually used one, I don’t remember how well it worked.   

Any one have this on their guitar?  I would love some photos to post along with it.


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