modifying the device voids the warranty

Not only do we care for guitars & basses both acoustic & electric, we also attempt to assist in the maintenance of the good reputation of almost every major (and most of the minor) guitar builders and manufacturers in North America. Here we have an example of a hidden part of the process. After a customer was required to bring his newly online purchased instrument in a second time (the braces and top were separating from the body) the manufacturer sent us a new body that we then affixed to the original neck, making the guitar playable. When we queried the manufacturer regarding return of the clearly defective part they declined, suggesting that we could “have a little fun” with the original body. While we certainly take little pleasure in this kind of behavior, and do not make a habit of doing everything we are told, this seemed like a good opportunity to appropriately give physical expression to anger over life’s often frustrating details.

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  1. CTP says:

    hey guys – I’ll take stuff like that off your hands for use in art – pre-busted-to-shit preferable, but probably even post 🙂

  2. naw…it really *was* a factory defect!!!!

  3. stevemaller says:

    Aw, c’mon…admit it: one of you guys just slipped with the router, right?

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