so nice do it twice

Some of our loose knit family travel far afield with their instruments, spending loads of their lives working far from home. They can become “porous with travel fever” (as Joni Mitchell said) and tend to become obsessive about certain things. Here Derek holds up a brace of Vox Starstreams. He’s about to leave for six months or so, working as a roving karaoke singer on cruise ships. He’s a happy guy. Happiness gets the best service.

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  1. HiHave you ever repaired or serviced the modules in these guitars? I have two of these, with very poorly effects. I have a Grand Prix too, with a weak sick wah, and an out of tune e tuner lol. I’m having major trouble getting them seen to, as apparently no schematics exist for the modules!?!? Do you have an appropriate schematic you’d be interested in selling? Any advice would be much appreciated! I’m on a world wide Vox appeal!

    • gary brawer says:

      Yes, I have worked on these and had some success. Unfortunaty some of the circuit boards are layered in such a way it is difficult to get to some of the components. While fixable the cost could jump.

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