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(in the year) we are a warranty station for almost all the big guitar manufacturers and most of the smaller, boutique luthiers as well. Here is something we have found in our experience that may be useful to you, Gentle Reader, if you are planning to acquire a new acoustic guitar and are interested in using that guitar with a pickup. We recommend choosing an acoustic guitar based on how it sounds, looks & feels acoustically. Factory installed pickup systems don’t necessarily have to play as important a part in your choice. Besides having a wide choice of after-market technologies & sounds (to say nothing of saving a couple hundred dollars), any warranty issues may involve a frustrating waiting period while the manufacturer replaces a defective part or a less than perfect installation is rectified. We see this a lot.

UPDATE – Several of the manufacturer-specific installations are actually very good including (but not necessarily limited to) Taylor’s Expression system, the Takamine pickup systems and various Fishman and B-Band assemblies. It’s important to check out the instrument well. If you are going to purchase an acoustic guitar with a pickup system installed remember to plug it in and test the guitar through an amplifier. Pluck the strings individually to make sure that each string resounds at the same volume level. Gently move the output jack cable end while it is plugged in to the guitar to test for a loose connection. While the instrument is plugged in move all the controls or sliders to make sure they work!

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