o yes…

(update to a previous post) Not content to merely have a sustainer installed the owner also had Gary heavily rout the body and then install the guts of a tremolo pedal inside this import tele copy. Maybe we could cut the logo off the metal case of the stompbox and attach it to the headstock. It would look cool.

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  1. Jack Mosley says:

    This thing plays great. I can’t flippin put it down. People ask me about it constantly at gigs. Gary, you’re the best. Can we build an easy bake oven into my amp?Timmy P

  2. BigBends says:

    Full circle on this one. How many of us remember the Electra MPC? This was a Les Paul copy with two doors in the back where you snap in “Modular Powered Circuits” like flanger, phase shifter and such. They even has a “Frog Nose” module (smaller than a Pig Nose) that served as a little power amp so you could plug headphones into your output jack and practce in private. That one ate batteries for breakfast.

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