It's that busy

It was in the middle of a busy day when he came in, first with three cases and, after depositing those, returning with four more before following up with a final three. A total of ten guitars to drop off at one stroke and we already have a queue of over 175 instruments waiting their turn or in progress. For just the briefest moment I thought to suggest to him that a heads-up would have been considerate when I stopped. This is what we do. Juggling chainsaws is only a part of it.

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  1. Try spelling it as “PLEK”.In spite of how busy we can get we still focus on each individual guitar as if it’s the most important guitar. Because it is!Allen

  2. Wow Gary! That’s insane! 185 guitars to work on! Dare I say you should charge more!! Alan says “YES YES YES YES!!!” I hope my guitar was on the PLEC today… Just realized I would love to have a video of that, put it up on YouTube or something. Actually I think I shall look through your postings to see if you have some write up on the PLEC. My googling got me nothing (especially as the folks in the UK call picks, plecs!)

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