Carefully using a very sharp tool

Tim begins cleaning a nasty gouge in a fretboard prior to rebuilding. High quality tools are one of Tim’s happinesses.

(update – Tim just informed me we’ve already used this pic in a previous entry. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer apologies all around…maybe we need some kind of image mgmt system…hmmm…anyway, I’m not changing it because it’s such a great representation of the way Tim approaches his work…but I’ll try to be more precise. Thanks for your forebearance – Aaaa)

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  1. bagman says:

    Hi, Gary, et al. This particular picture reminds me of a nasty chunk missing from the wood on the bottom edge of my Martin DM’s fingerboard, and it occurs to me that you are just the fellas I’d trust to repair it. Regrettably, it’s my only acoustic and I play it nearly daily, so it’s just a matter of making the time to bring it in….

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