Rant #970

We love our suppliers, even when they make us wait (I’m talking to you, Fender) and we’re excited like kids when we receive a shipment of pretty much anything. Our needs our simple. Anyway, we request that our suppliers always ship to us in bulk and *not* use styrofoam peanuts as packaging. It’s one thing if the peanuts are grain sorghum or corn starch. That’s fun because I can stick them to my forehead and they decompose nicely. But styrofoam (polystyrene) is nasty stuff, it gets into the environment really easily (just try herding a handful!) and breaks down into molecules that do not play well with flora and fauna. Of course in the process of repairing or modifying your instrument we may well use material known to the state of California to cause cancer so we don’t pretend to be innocent. But, if a non-toxic choice is available we’ll choose it.

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