dust flying on Saturday

“you okay Leo?”
“that bass sounded really dead when he brought it in”
“did I mention how much I love my incredible neck tweezers?”
“last night I woke up at 3 in the morning and thought: ‘why don’t I take the best bits out of the two boxes of forstner bits I have beneath my bench and make one box of good bits?'”
“is there a place where the razor blades are?”
“I don’t suppose there’s a cardboard box of Skyway saddles around here…”
“do you have one of the straight-edges and can I borrow it?”
“the back of this neck feels gooood!”
“hey tim have you ever waxed a superglue finish?”
“what’s for lunch?”
watching: the Olympics

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  1. shawn Napa says:

    great concept, Guys!! Potstickers for everyone!!!Napa Shawn

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