Righteous Indignation (or: Fedex Has a Posse)

We ship instruments all over the country. We’ve done this for decades. No turnip trucks have recently been fallen off of by us. Well, there was a burrito truck once…but that’s a story for another time. Recently we became aggressively hounded (via phone, email & USPS) by a collection agency for an incorrectly billed Fedex shipment (their screwup) to Denver for one of our touring clients. When contacting Fedex to clear up the situation the Corporate Helper Underling Delinquent (CHUD) biodroid insisted it was our responsibility to contact the collection agency and call off the dogs. Using the powers of Moral Superiority I managed to get the CHUD to admit the collection agency is actually a division of Fedex. This (right) is what they currently call themselves. Now you know too.

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