deeper into the purple…

So enough already about how odd, interesting and inspiring the finished work is…how about how the in the hell did you do that?

Our can-do attitude made it impossible to accept the manufacturer’s claim that a nine volt battery will not power those Fulltone Deja Vibe stompbox guts steaming inside that poor exhausted Epiphone Sheraton. So first we wired six 1.5 volt AA batteries in series, providing nine volts at increased amp/hours above a standard nine volt battery. As a just-in-case fallback fail-safe we also wired a Fulltone standard power input jack into the side of the instrument body. If Matt Z. is oscillating a heavy ostinato he doesn’t want to stop to change batteries. We also built a custom circuit to reference the voltage from the indicator LED connected to the Fulltone guts. The LED on the pedal guts gets brighter and dimmer corresponding to the modulation of that effect. And that voltage from the LED going into our circuit makes it possible to put out a specific amount of plus and minus voltage so our LEDs would alternate equally; also corresponding to the pedal effect. To get that characteristic psychedelic purple we combined red and blue LEDs using a diode on one of those colors so the two colors flash at the same rate. Red and blue LEDs react differently to the same level of voltage, no?

(Special Thanks to our Super Friend KR without whom this mod would be possible but improbable)

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