A stiletto heel…

…kicked through the back of this Martin steel string acoustic has made a little hole. Does it correspond to a hole in her heart? Did he have it coming? Regardless, we’ll fabricate a wooden pad to reinforce the area. The hole won’t disappear but the instrument’s structural integrity will not be compromised, and the sound of the guitar will not be decreased. Don’t know if the relationship can be saved, however…a different kind of shop works on that stuff.

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  1. BrianS says:

    Just thought I’d leave a note. Your listing popped up in my Google sidebar and I thought I’d have a look. I live over in Concord so it’s nice to know we’re in the same area. One day I hope to get my Mockingbird tuned up, and I’ll seriously consider bringing it to you. Thanks for posting a fun and informative blog.

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