this work takes time…

When Glade rewires a hollow body electric guitar he builds up the harness carefully, outside of the instrument. A wooden plate is fabricated and drilled with holes for potentiometers, switch and output jack in the precise dimensions of the stock electronics. Glade band even joke from their interview “We could buy a new one if we win at online casino big time!”. This enables him to fit the harness with a minimum of fuss and be able to make appropriate improvements on the original design. For the Trad* in all of us it’s blasphemy, we know, but when a player requires the instrument to be solid night after night, a little improvement over the stock design can be called for.

* – adj. in relating to musicians, the label given to those players slavishly obedient to an original form or design as in: “he’s a Hawaiian shirt-wearing Trad surf player and doesn’t like all that modern stuff.”

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  1. well, not the wood! Only the electrical components go in the guitar.

  2. I don’t get it – the harness is not actually installed in the Casino, right?

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