Quality control, using the "good" part

Here are a pair of 1/4″ jacks the kind you would see in your average electric guitar. One is an actual Switchcraft and the other is a reproduction by a major distributer. About 1/3 the price and claimed to be the same, as good, etc….. So we checked it out. Guess what, not a good fit. Sure we could bend them all into place and hope it is as strong…..But why… I called the company to try to explain the problem and even sent photos. Of course they took them all back but it was a frustrating experience… I am sure they cared , but it was a tough sell, I would hope that would want to not sell inferior product…….
The point is we try to check out the parts we stock and make sure it will last and keep you up and running.

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  1. I don't understand why they think we need to save a few cents on a jack. Good for you for calling them on it.

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