some things you always remember…

“Trigger” came to us just before soundcheck for a show Willie & Friends had at the Fillmore Auditorium, here in SF. Willie’s trusted cohort/runner never allowed the instrument to be more than three feet away from his body while Leo was repairing the output jack. We were, however, able to document the occasion by stealing a memorable photo of Leo holding Willie Nelson’s famous guitar. Naturally we stayed open after hours to do it.

Speaking of staying open a little late, we (as we’ve probably mentioned already) are predisposed towards the Macintosh OS and use Filemaker Pro on a Mac network to keep track of all our data on instrument repair and modification. Naturally we’re interested in streamlining our operation for the sake of working smarter. One of the ways in which we’ll improve is by modifying our Filemaker system. So…we’re looking for a crack Filemaker maven who likes guitars! Email us at if you’d like to work with us.

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