there are many creative ways…

…this could be explained but the truth is more interesting. A large (some would say major) guitar manufacturer has released a line of handmade-in-America guitars that look like they are forty years old and extremely well-loved. The manufacturer has taken the time to make every part of the guitar look aged and in so doing, odd things happen, even under normal use.

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  1. John says:

    fender's done this on some "relic'd" amps too. Whatever they spray on the screws continues to oxidize them after installation eventually leading to rust deposits (conductive of course) all over the PCB. I don't know what's better, rusty screws in a new amp or a "relic'd" PCB based amp!!

  2. Matt hayden says:

    The dip that is used to age some parts is clearly not good for the instrument overall…..sigh. The attraction of relic instruments just doesn't make sense.

  3. Chuck says:

    Perfect!! Now it's a three bolt!!I'm looking to buy a new car that is preaged and rusted with some extra miles . Any car makers going to follow suit and make a rust bucket high miler?

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