It's time for a Realtime Holiday Contest!

Wasn’t it sweet of Ibanez to send us this cute little iPod holder along with a holiday greeting card? It’s lovely blue velcro-fastened neoprene corporate logo branded envelope will gently caress your precious compressed digital audio player and the handy pocket is large enough to contain your earbuds. It also features a handy clip enabling you to dangle the object provocatively off your fashionable rucksack or pannier!

The first caller to our shop line (available on our web site) thats utters the seekrit password* (starting from the moment this post is published [today – 11AM PST, 12/19/09]) will receive not only this item but also a free set of strings when you bring in your six string electric guitar for a set-up!

Call now….operators are standing by!

Set-ups cover: truss rod adjustment, string height over the fretboard (action), intonation, string path slots at the nut and saddles, buffing the frets and fretboard, changing the strings and six (6) months of free tune-ups, while you wait, in our store.

* – “gadzooks!”

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