I want to play my acoustic guitar live…

…what kind of pickup should I put on it?

We’re glad you asked…depending on whether you plan to be competing with your drummer, bassist, stunt guitar player; or, if you’re simply playing solo acoustic in a quiet performance environment; or something in between, there’s a pickup technology that can be implemented in your acoustic guitar. Our shop carries all the popular manufacturers as well as some obscure brands too. Of course if we don’t have it we can get it and, if you prefer to purchase your own parts, simply bring us that pickup system and we’re happy to install it for you. We can also combine technologies and parts from various makers into a modification that’s appropriate to your guitar.

The main thing, however, is that we do not charge to discuss the appropriate technology and installation method for your unique instrument and your chosen playing environment. Bring your guitar in to the shop when you find a convenient moment and we’ll have a conversation about your requirements, we’ll ask you some questions and we’ll make a recommendation right then and there, while you wait. It’s true that the informed player makes the best choices.

Our location and shop hours can be found on our website: www.brawer.com

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