Ibanez JS-1000 Painting Metallic Silver

The Ibanez JS 1600 comes in a very cool metallic silver finish. Brian’s JS-1000 was only available in black. Our mission (which we did indeed choose to accept) was to convert anything and everything black to silver. First we asked Dimarzio to custom make us Mo’ Joe and PAF Joe pickups with silver bobbins. The Ibanez logo was custom cut out for us in black, instead of silver (so the logo would bump from a silver background). The silver paint is actually a fine metal flake material mixed into the clear finish material and then built up on the body. The tuners, bridge, nut, knobs, strap buttons, pickup rings, screws and all the black hardware were swapped out for silver. The newer Ibanez Edge tremolo bridge was changed back to the original Edge 2 trem. The countersink for the trem was a little bigger so we did that prior to painting. It was a lot of work and came out beautifully.
This is the original Black JS-1000

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