Sustainer install in copypasta Les Paul type guitar

The guitar in the above photographs is actually an “Agile” and is a pretty darn nice copy of the Gibson Les Paul “Axis.” The Axis itself is a copy, by Gibson guitars, of their own custom artist series guitar: the Neal Schon Les Paul. The Axis (and also the guitar in these photos) features the Floyd Rose and neck heel cut-away of the Neal Schon Les Paul but does not include the Sustainer circuit and custom knob layout. The owner wanted to modify this copy of a copy to be as close to the Gibson NS guitar as possible (at a fraction of the purchase price of an actual Gibson NS LP). To accomplish this modification we moved the master volume knob to more of a strat-oriented position so it would be easy to do volume swells. The other three controls became: a passive tone control, a sustainer gain pot and a Chandler Tone-X (a wah-wah on a push pull pot). Now the owner can sustain an infinite note, change the pitch anywhere along the string length while simultaneously making a wha-wha sound.

Talk about multi-tasking!

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