Fender Jaguar / Jazzmaster Mastery Guitar Bridge

from the front

from the top

Building on the already spiffy Fender Jaguar is a small company called “Mastery” which, if the hype can be believed, supplies the Best Bridge Going for this popular guitar. Strings don’t slip around in the saddles and the bridge doesn’t rock back and forth in the body. Notes played on a guitar using this bridge are fuller and clearer. Subjective opinion, of course, but we’re like that. This piece of hardware is solid as a rock. And, it comes with a handy stash bag for your chronic.
Check ’em out: www.masterybridge.com.
the old one

the stash bag

Tim likes!

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2 Responses to Fender Jaguar / Jazzmaster Mastery Guitar Bridge

  1. Dave says:

    That old one is actually a Mustang bridge, which fixes the string slip issue but, unlike the jag/jazz bridge, does not have height adjustable saddles. The mastery combines both and I agree is a excellent product, too bad it’s so pricey.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Thanks for your comment. After experimenting with all kinds of shims for the 1st and 6th saddles I to stock a bunch of the 2nd and 5th string saddles for the Mustang bridge and sand them down to use for the 1st and 6th strings to correct the over radius of the bridge. Then put them on the Jazzmaster. Gary

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