Repairing collapsed bridge stud inserts.

The wood that holds the bridge stud inserts upright has broken forward, and the bridge has began to tip. You can usually tell something is wrong when the bridge starts to rub or overlap the pickguard. We often see this happen on guitars that have had Floyd Rose bridges retrofitted into them and on Strat Plus 2 stud bridges. Many times there just is not enough wood in front of the insert to hold the studs in place or the wood is soft Alder or the holes have been oversized …….
There are a few ways to skin this cat (ouch) In this repair we pulled the studs and glued up all of the broken wood. We pressed the studs back in but had to come up with a way to keep it from breaking forward again. We countersunk a flat piece of graphite in front of the bridge stud inserts to hold them in place and put in some long screws deed into solid wood to hold it in place. This is a very solid repair and have not seen any fail.
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  1. Steven Evil says:

    these pics are the same from a previous post. would love to see in a little more detail on how the repair turned out (b4 & after). love your bloggs Gary, it's always a treat when i come accross your stuff in other arenas!

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