a Tele fiesta!

Jim Campilongo (noted tele player and sideman for Norah Jones & Martha Wainwright) has been friends with Gary for decades. Here he’s testing out a couple of prototype Teles (sent to him by Fender, matching Jim’s original 1959 Tele – unique for, among other things, being the only year strings could be threaded through the back edge of the bridge as opposed to all the other years’ Teles which thread strings through the body) as Gary removed the treble bleed capacitor and switches the tone control capacitor (Jim favors paper and foil .05). We also cut down the bridge height screws so they do not stick up above the saddle to keep from cutting your palm, and did some slight setup work. The twang is in the house!

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  1. digiTED says:

    Jim and Gary; two masters of their respective domains

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