Fun stuff at the shop, gluing fingerboards, laminating necks…….

Glued carved and ready for laminate
Tim doing some arm exercises.  That’s red hot in there.
Prepped and ready to glue
Many many clamps makes even pressure
See alignment pin

Here are a few in process jobs.  The newish white Gibson Explorer that had a rosewood fingerboard is being rebuilt with an ebony Les Paul Custom style fingerboard.  Along with the large pearl inlays we are putting on black binding to go with the black upcoming finish.  The Gibson V neck has been broken twice.  One great way to fix the neck is to cut away along the break, then laminate nice long grain wood along the area and re-carve the neck back to it’s original contour.  Tim is bending the lamination over a wood bender Gary inherited from a luthier he was learning from back around 1976.  Gary was building dulcimers and bending walnut on it for the sides.  We will show the 2 guitars a little more as they get finished.

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