Tone Candy

Among other things they control how much high end gets cut when you turn down your tone control.  They can also help to equalize the tone of your volume control so your tone will not go to mush when you turn your volume down.
The type and value of a capacitor can go a long way to personalize your guitar’s tone.
We have a “Decade Box” that allows you to sample what different capacitors will sound like in your circuit.
More photos and tech info on guitar tone applications soon.
“Orange Drop” capacitors & others
New old stock “NOS” Black Cat capacitors. Note cool old box!
NOS Black Cat capacitors, inside same box
Very cool vintage Russian paper in oil (PIO), Teflon & other NOS capacitors
Many were made for Russian Military!!  More paper in oil (PIO), Teflon & other NOS capacitors
Mmmmm…tone candy
Stop by and see what you might be missing from your tone controls!!!
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  1. John says:

    Does the capacitance of the audio cable running from the guitar to the amp affect the sound?

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