Diz and the Rude Rhythm Bass

DIZ with new Ransom swamp ash replacement body

I am sure I have known Diz for well over 25 years.  Even as “kid” his ability to play bass, guitar and his electronic drum set rivaled that of the long studied musician.  Back in the day we had some fun playing together from time to time. Before Dan Ransom (our resident guitar builder here) became his own retailer he used to built necks and bodies to order and I assembled the instruments.  Some time around 1996 we made a very YELLOW bass out of poplar wood for Diz.  About a month ago he came in and asked Dan to make him a swamp ash one for a different sound.  I look forward to get the report.  I miss the bright yellow with RUDE RHYTHM stenciled across the front, I hope the wood is a better sound.

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  1. Oops….Thank you for noticing !!!! g

  2. digiTED says:

    Can't get enough of that 'swamp ass' tone!

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