It was this box!

Ever heard Captain Beefheart’s album The Spotlight Kid?  Much of the fuzzy guitar licks were recorded through this handmade distortion pedal, the only one Elliot Ingber ever owned, now given to our friend Henry Kaiser as a gift by him. Mr. Ingber was a founding member of the Mothers of Invention, Fraternity of Man (along with the late Richie Hayward – drummer of renown) and played with Captain Beefheart on several albums under the name of “Winged Eel Fingerling.” Mr. Kaiser tells us that Mr. Ingber’s guitar playing (through that very box!) is what influenced him to start playing guitar himself. A piece of pop musical history, right before our very eyes and it sounds bitchin’, too.

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  1. Don't want to be a pedant, but the lunar note was played by Bill Harkleroad on the Clear Spot LP…

  2. rmutt says:

    Clear Spot not Spotlight Kid

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