Side Dots, Bigger or Biggest. You ask for it, we can do it.

A beautiful bass.

No glasses needed.

Ok, thats ridicules, or is it?

A well tooled man.

Two at the 12th.

Very Very Careful!

Can you see the dots? They sparkle in the lights.

Within one month we were asked to do something that we have not done in years.  Both clients were very particular about what they wanted, which was exceptionally large side dots that stand out on a dark stage.  One player asked for black and the other for abalone.  The biggest problem was to drill over the body to the correct place on the neck.  ENTER CREATIVITY…A few companies make drill extenders but most bulk up the bit at the junction.  Long bits are also made but we wanted to use out very high quality brad point bits.  The advantage is the bits drill a very clean hole and do not drift.  The simple solution is to crimp the bit into a piece of hollow brass tubing.  As you can see it worked perfect.

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