Adding Electronics to an ALL METAL BASS.

This bass was built by Kevin at Electrical Guitar Company.  It appears to be milled out of solid aluminum.  The front and back are hollowed out and bolted together and the neck goes down through the center.  The neck seems solid and the frets are magically pressed in.  I have never seen anything like this, it’s amazing.  The owner uses the same EMG’s and Bartolini preamp setup in all of his basses.  Since the controls are usually preset for live performances I hid the controls so they can be adjusted with a small screwdriver through the holes in the back.  Just a volume control……  I took an aluminum rod, glued the trimpots to that and used stand-offs to keep it mounted to the back of the bass with a small space between the pot and the metal.  To solve the battery box issue I got a metal flip box from ESP to blend in with the metal motif.  It worked out great and completely solid.

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