We do Dulcimers, well Trevor did.

Not only did the end of the peghead break off but it also used old style friction, or violin tuning heads. The client asked us to repair the peghead and if we could improve on the tuners while we were at it.
We happened to have some tuners that Schaller made for Ovation slot peghead guitars.
The difference being that the hole for the string it not at the end of the tuning post but in the middle.
To repair the wood we squared up the rough, splintered break so we could have a clean glue joint with a new piece. The new piece is also not open at the end, the space to string up the last string was made by chiseling out a hollow. This makes the piece we are adding stronger.
Also notice the ferrule that the end of the tuner post fits into.  This piece you would normally see on the top of a guitar peghead. It supports the tuner and keeps it from tilting forward.  In the same respect here it supports the end of the tuning post and keeps it from leaning forward.  This is a very important addition in that it keeps the tuner post square to the housing and gear for smooth operation.
This could be the easiest dulcimer to tune anywhere.

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