Hopping up a Humbucking Pickups by Adding Wire 7.7K up to 9K

Here is a early patten # Gibson Humbucking Pickup, very similar 
if not exactly the same as an actual  PAF.  
Typical DC resistance on something like this is between 7K and 8K.
In short, the larger the resistance the more output, Midrange and Fatter the tone.
In exchange for that you have less clarity and high end.
I will get into winding and magnetics in a later post.
We wanted to turn this average 7.4k pickup into one of those rare higher output 9K’s
Maybe a little muddy for the neck but a great fat sounding bridge pickup.
Taking the pickup apart and getting the tape off without damaging the coil is the tricky part.
Then splice on some of the same type of magnetic wire and wind it up.
Oddly enough on neck pickups we have removed coil wire to make the pickup cleaner and brighter.

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