Gibson SG, Jazzmaster Tremolo, Mastery Bridge. Need we say more?

Kevin had an idea, “could you put a Jazzmaster Tremolo on my Gibson SG?”  We said “sure how about a cool bridge to add to that”.
It’s cool look is only overshadowed buy how much fun it is to play and how great to sounds.
There was a little bit of a challenge since the body on the SG is a little thinner than the Fender body it was made for.
We had the option of lifting the trem with a slight shim to give the spring more clearance but we opted to shorten the screw that holds the spring and cut down the spring for a little less tension.
In a perfect world the neck angle to the body would be a little flatter but we had no problems with the bridge that high above the body.  If nothing else the added string pressure on the saddles gave it more clear of a sound.
The Mastery bridge is just an amazing sounding and functioning bridge.  Not with out it’s faults is is the best bridge I have ever seen for this style guitar.  We were sure to lube all points of friction and that made a big difference helping the guitar to stay in tune as well as it did.

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3 Responses to Gibson SG, Jazzmaster Tremolo, Mastery Bridge. Need we say more?

  1. Andy says:

    Were you able to use the mastery bridge as is or did you have to reroute the holes?
    What model SG is it? How much would it cost to make this modification?

    Thanks in advance!

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