National Resophonic Hot Plate Pickup System… O-SO-COOL

We are always looking for ways to amplify resophonic guitars.  We carry pickups from B-Band, Fishman, Dtar, K & K, LR Baggs, Trans Audio, Barcus Berry, Highlander, Shadow, Pickup the World, Schatten, I am sure I missed someone,  we even make some ourself.  But here is a new one stop, complete system that goes right on made by National Resophonic  and pickup by Jason Lollar.   For the most part it went right on.  Even though the plate has slots to put the screws through to make up for misaligned holes we still had to open up a few of the slots to make them line up.  The bridge cover plate comes off with 4 screws, a wonderful innovation making it easy to make any bridge adjustments once it is together.  The volume and tone controls worked great, even though the pickup is a single coil it is well shielded and very low noise and next to no feedback.  The pickup is a standard Telecaster neck pickup making it easy to experiment with other pickups.

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