Replacing that warped plastic bridge with rosewood.

There are a number of beautiful old Gibson and Epiphone guitars (among others) that came with an adjustable or non-adjustable plastic bridges and saddles.  They are hollow plastic bridges that are bolted to the guitar from inside the box.  They tend to warp, come off the top and not hold the saddle in the correct place for intonation.  Since the bridge does not help support the top of the guitar you often see the top of these guitars with exaggerated bellying up of the top.  On this guitar we flattened the top by heating it up and clamping it flat while it cools.  Once the wood bridge is put on, the top is much more solid than before.  While we are at it we rout the saddle in the correct place for correct intonation.  Better tone and a solid guitar.

Just after routing the new saddle slot

Cleaning out the bridge pin holes after the glue has set

Finished look, flatter top and beautiful warm tone

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