Golden Hawaiian Neck Reset

Georgia came in with this very cool and sparkly guitar.  It was passed down through the generations and got to her in very unplayable condition.  The guitar needed a neck reset to lower the string height to be playable.  The nut and saddle needed attention too.  But the guitar had great bones and with the family connection we decided to go forward with the repair.  We were able to keep the price down by resetting the neck so very little fretwork was needed when were finished.  We made a taller saddle to accommodate the new neck angle and Georgia left with a great playing and sounding guitar!




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  1. Tom Glibota says:

    I have this exact same model guitar. Mine is set up for lap steel. I am think these may be from the 20’s or 30’s. Made with Mahogony radiusesd back, beautiful sunburst, and fantastic metal flake paint – ripe pinnapple golden fretboard and bromeliade red headstock. Great deep bass tones.

    Do you have any additional info on manufacturer and dates? Tom Glibota

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