Bridge Pins, What you should absolutely know

Things you never learned in guitar class.

  • The bridge pins should be pushed in finger tight, no harder.
  • If you need to push them in tighter they need to be refit.
  • The ball end of the string should rest firmly against the bridge pad just in front of the bridge pin. (see photo)
  • It is common for the ball end of the string to get stuck on the tip of the bridge pin. (see photo)
  • Symptoms of this are the string pitch slips flat, the bridge pin will continue to work it’s way out and you keep trying to muscle it back in,  you may also hear an odd buzz or rattle coming from that area.  That would be the ball end rattling like a maraca.

BAD !!!! Dangling Ball Ends !

Good !! Nice fit between the bridge pad and bridge pin

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