Disabling a Bigsby Trem, and keeping a cool look

The Bigsby looks so great on a guitar but many do not wish to use it any longer.  The old trick we used to do, is to stick a small @ 1″ piece of hollow pipe where the spring is. String tension hold it in place and the arm will not move, thus keeping the tuning more stable.    The other day I was wandering around the shop looking for a pipe to cut an end off,  Ben, co-owner of the Vintage Guitar Shop Real Guitars happened to walk by and mention that a Tele knob would be about the right height.  You do not have to tell us twice.   A bit more of an investment than pipe but the cool factor is well worth it.

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2 Responses to Disabling a Bigsby Trem, and keeping a cool look

  1. Tim Schipper says:

    Is that a standard flat knob? Or is this a rounded(topside) one? And is the hole drilled through the topside of the knob?

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