The Amazing Stewart MacDonald Bridge Saver

Why would you need to save a bridge. 

It is actually the bridge plate on the inside of the guitar that often needs saving.

  • The inside of the bridge plate gets chipped out where the ball end of the string sits.
  • This usually happens when drilling the holes through the guitar for the bridge pins.  In construction, you have to back the inside of the drill area with a solid piece of wood otherwise chips fly off as the drill comes through the wood. (see final photo)
  • Normal wear and tear from the ball ends


  • The double wound part of the string is going over the saddle causing a bad string vibration and possibly changing the intonation.
  • The bridge pins keeps pushing out


With this StewMac tool we can keep the original bridge plate intact.  The alternative is to pull and replace it or to put a thin overlay over the existing bridge plate.  Replacement is a tricky job and both can change the tone of the guitar.  Of course if the plate is falling out or loose you would want to remove it and repair or replace it.

The Tools!! 

From inside the guitar, notice the chipping of the wood

Another view from inside, you can see where the ball ends of the strings rest.

Notice the larger double wound area of the string sitting on the saddle.

The countersink that cleans out the chipped area in the guitar leaving a nice clean shape to be filled

The outer lever turns the inner countersink

This pict is from the Stew Mac website

A nice supply of plugs to fill in the chipped out area

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