A Cool Mod, A Sleeper Star

Who knew regular Phil R. (L. w/Gary) was so busy – his solid work lurking behind that friendly, quiet demeanor.  He works full time in many different musical formats (including playing lead guitar for Malice Cooper – tribute band for guess who [not them!]).  He wants as many tonal choices out of one guitar as possible.  Here he’s conferring with Gary about replacement pickups and odd wiring configurations (including the popular “blendy” mod).  Gary is extremely useful for assisting guitarists in choosing the right pickup for the right sound.  “You give me adjectives, I’ll give you answers,” he’s been known to say.  Here’s a portion of their conversation this morning:

Gary: “Do you like the “quacky” sound in the two and four position?”

Phil: “Yes!”

Gary: “Then put the brighter pickup in the middle.”

Phil: “This is very exciting!”

Phil has chosen a brace of Dimarzio hum canceling Strat style pickups, the DP408 (Virtual Vintage 54 Pro) in the middle and the DP402 (Virtual Vintage Blues) for the neck position.


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