Cooks Holiday

James P. is a heavy hitter at Zeitgeist, a local favorite bike-friendly bar.  He cooks there so he sees a lot of humanity.  When he’s not running the busy kitchen or curing an ulcer (he *cares*, man), he’s playing lap steel.  All his interests become passions.  He has many lap steels – beautiful vintage examples – like this Kiesel and this early Gibson (both pictured) and we get to see them when they misbehave.  Today Gary and Tim have saved James half a Benjamin by replacing a single broken plastic tuning button instead of the entire set and simultaneously avoiding unnecessary woodworking on a vintage instrument.  James, in his autodidactic enthusiasm, researches and schools himself about infinite tuning varieties for his lap steels.  He keeps meticulous records.  Changing strings on the Gibson for a heavier gauge he gleefully sings out: “I’m gonna get fifteen different tunings outta this bad boy!!!”

We gotta check out his cooking.  Maybe they deliver…

– AW


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