Gibson Humbucker into a Banjo! Seems like a good idea.

We were trying to find a gig ready solution to amplify a banjo.  The client was interested in a magnetic pickup.  There are many solutions out there but we decided to try something else……  We rigged up a quick mounting for an old Gibson humbucker so he could check it out.   The top of the pickup is a few business cards away from the top as to not interfere with the head yet be as close to the strings as possible.  It sounded remarkable good.  Not as acoustic as a transducer style system but no feedback or noise.  This could easily keep up with a full drum set.  Our next test we will be adding a transducer for a blended system.

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  1. thank you. i bought the pickup and am going to try this. please help me by describing the bracket formation and other materials used.

    • admin says:

      No Tricks,
      The photo shows it all. A wood block from the back of the pickup, a brass plate and double stick tape to help secure it from shifting.
      I was making it up as I went! Good luck

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