Kings of Convenience, Inconvenient Pickup problems..

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Erlend Oye from the band Kings of Convenience.  He was playing in town that night and his pickup of many many road years had developed a hum.  We tried a few repairs but the noise continued.  We did not have the Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking with Microphone that he had been using so we put in one of our “go to” pickups the LR Baggs M1 Active.  While we all though it sounded great he ran back after sound check really missing his old sound.  We called a few dealers in town and found what he needed.  After a quick change over we had him off to the gig.  One of the great perks of what we do is getting to hear all types of great players test out their guitars.  Erlend was no exception, his fingerpicking is unique and a pleasure to listen to.  Turns out the Kings are on Tim’s steady playlist!!

Pickup Number One

Pickup Number Two

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6 Responses to Kings of Convenience, Inconvenient Pickup problems..

  1. Taylor says:

    Great little article. Just curious, what year/ model is that Gibson?

  2. Erlend Øye says:

    Thanks again guys. Been rocking the guitar in front of a total of 9700 mexicans over 4 shows last week. No hum problems, and no action-problems. Hasta il futuro, Erl.

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