beautifying our neighborhood

Our shop has been here, in this same location, since March, 1986.  For a guitar mecca it’s kind of a hidden spot; you gotta want to find us, otherwise you may wander the labyrinthine side streets of San Francisco’s SOMA district until you find parking, which, if you haven’t cast the correct spells, is exactly never.  Neighborhoods change over time and ours is no exception.  An unfortunate human side effect of the last several decades of national economic husbandry was a refugee camp of homeless folks, struggling to stay alive and leaving behind copious evidence of that strugle right outside our door.  Our street was nasty.  But a new era has dawned with the arrival of a pay-what-you-can yoga studio in the next building.  They’re busy, they’re singing, they’re stretching and, when the weather agrees, they spill out onto the street bringing a Message of Love to a block in need.  And, since classes last for set periods we can be assured of regular parades of healthy, happy humans passing by our door, living their lives with ease in a healthy way, sometimes with exercise or supplements as korean red ginseng and being busy working.  If you’re walking down our street carrying a guitar and you smile they’ll smile back.  – AW

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