Danelectro, Lipstick Tube Pickup. In pieces………..

The simplicity of the construction of this pickup give it a wonderful and unique sound.  The coil wire is wound directly onto the magnet then fully shielded in the tube.  This is one of the harder pickups to rewind due to lack of coil form.  We have to build a wire form onto the magnet, rewind it, attach the in and out wires, and somehow fit it back into the “tube”

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  1. Love the article, I’ve thought about replacing the pick ups in my re issue DC59 which I use for The Zoots shows. The older pick ups seem to sound a bit better but you can’t really tell how reliable the older ones will be. Jamie Goddard, The Zoots

    • admin says:

      It is so rare for a pickup to go out even the old ones. If they look solid and are installed well it may be worth a try. There al so many new pickups that emulate the vintage thing I would look in that direction.
      Let me know if you ever what some suggestions

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