not like the other girls

Here’s Gary embroiling himself in yet another spectacularly odd cul-de-sac of guitar design.  The “Guitorgan” (Musiconics International, Waco, TX, circa 1968), features more internal wiring than a server farm, plenty of knobs and sliders, weighs a ton and sounds like Lawrence Welk filtered through the mind of David Lynch.  It’s outboard accoutrement is an extra large foot pedal power supply and the whole thing packs up into a case heavier than an all-tube classic SVT bass head.

Just look at the guts!


Overwhelmed with the statistical density of the wiring Gary called in reinforcements, in the form of Kirkwood Rough (aka “the sound of sound”) and together the tamed the demon.  But after working on this particular instrument we have become, unfortunately, only too acquainted with its Luciferian construction.  Where angels fear to tread…  – AW


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