Our good pals from Stewart-McDonald visit us after the Healdsburg GuItar Festival

I am not sure how us Guitar Repair shops got along before Stewart-MacDonald.  They are the one stop shop for pro’s and hobbies to pick up anything and everything having to do with stringed instrument building, maintenance, customization, and education.                      Check them out here… Stewart MacDonald

Before them, when I needed something that we take for-granted now like nut files, to cut the individual size slots for the strings in the nut.  I would have to go to the best hardware store in town and they would help me order files from Switzerland to do the job.

Click Here for a great slide show Erick took of the shop while out here.  He also has a bunch of great tech tips on the Stewart MacDonald site.

From Left to Right, holding some Stew-Mac tool samplings from the bench……… Erick Coleman, super repair guy, Customer Support and Product development and testing for Stew-Mac.  Me, GB.  And Jay Hostetler, Vice President, Product Development and everything guy for Stew-Mac.

Erick and GaryOur new pal,  Very in demand New York City Guitar Repair dude and super nice guy Evan Gluck.  Here we are doing that pointing thing!

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