Rob’s Change-Up–Converting from Gibson P-90’s to Lollar Mini Humbucking’s

I asked Rob to describe what he heard as the difference between the old P-90’s and the new Lollar Mini Humbuckers……………..”More upper mids and output. Neck p/u is tight and focused, not as woofy. Sits great in the band mix. No 60cycle hum (hooray)”.

“More Thin Lizzy a little less Cream”

The mounting screws for the P-90’s go into threaded inserts pressed into the body.  On rare occasion they do pull out if you are not careful how you mount the p-90’s

Lollar really thought this out.  They are nice enough to include all the parts needed to mount the new Mini-Humbuckers in the ring.   The pickups are hard mounted to the new ring with a screw, spacer and nut.  The nut is secured to the screw so it can still turn and the pickup is solid in the ring.  The pickup and ring assembly then screw into the new universal mounting plate as one piece.

Notice the spacer, the length of the spacer determines how much of the pickup cover extends out the top of the ring.  A nut gets glued into place on the end of the screw.

(the screw actually sticks out much more than in the photo. that’s what screws into the guitar)

The new universal mounting plate is in place.  Depending on what screw holes you use to mount it to the body it will hold a P-90 or mini-hum.

Rob is all giddy with excitement ready to take it on the road with his band ATOMIC WAFFLEHAUS!!!
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6 Responses to Rob’s Change-Up–Converting from Gibson P-90’s to Lollar Mini Humbucking’s

  1. Maurizio Viera says:


    I own a Gibson Les Paul BFG. I´m planing to replace the original P-90 neck pick-up with the EMG P60 model (P-90 size), but the space between the screw holes are different.

    I guess your “universal mounting plate” would be the solution to my problem since the screw holes space in the EMG P60 are the same as the mini-humbuckers.

    To make sure I include the dimensions of the EMG pick-up:

    I´m interested in buying two of yours Universal Mouning Plates.

    I would secure the universal mounting plate to the body of my guitar using the existing threaded inserts P-9o holes the same way you did with your guitar.

    Any advice is welcome.
    Thank you

  2. wayne says:


    Where would I get one of those universal mounts for P90/Mini Humbucker swap?

  3. Craig Ramseur says:

    Did the Lollars come with the “universal mounting plate, or did you source the plate from somewhere else? Thanks!

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