We had our ears molded for custom ear filters

We invited anyone within ears reach to come have their  ears custom molded for ear filters.  A few people showed up and Lisa from Musician’s Hearing Service came by to save our ears.  No pain and done.  Here are a few peeps…

Victim # 1......

Rob all filled up, That's Lisa prepping for ear # 2..

OK,. You do not really drink the pink stuff and it really does not come out your ear...

The Doctor’s Tool Kit!!.

Custom Earplug Casting, THIS SATURDAY !!!!!   2/4/12

This Saturday 2/4/12 Lisa Tannenbaum from Musician’s Hearing Service will be at the shop making custom earplugs for a few of us.   If anyone wants to get in on the action, the cost is about $185 and you can pick the amount of hearing reduction you want.   These are the best filters available.  Lisa has protected the hearing of the who’s who of the music business for years.  A well known audio engineer I was talking with said he was able to listen to live shows again and enjoy the music by being able to hear the entire sonic spectrum.  The old foam plugs leave you with only low rumble and mush, he said the filters allow all the music to come through.   I am looking forward to the new plugs!!!

If you are interested just come down to the shop at 2pm.

Or Call or email to let us know you are coming.    415-621-3904

Click here for Lisa’s info and what she does    Musician’s Hearing Service



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