ReBuild a Vintage Fender Potentiometer

Problem…….Perfectly nice vintage guitar, no mods have been done and the volume control will not work, even after repeated cleaning.  2nd problem, the carbon resistance element that the wiper tracks on has worn through.  Good News!  The carbon element is wide enough so you can bend the wiper to track a deferent line on the element so it will sound and work like new.  Other good news, to do all of this the only solder connection you have to break to open the pot and repair it is the one lug that is soldered back to the case.  It is also possible to reach into the pot through the gap and bend the wiper that way but that is even more risky and tricky.

What You Are Seeing….

Before we start, maybe not perfect but looking good..  We want to change to smallest amount.

By lifting the lug that goes to ground the pot can be opened up leaving all the wires attached.

These are the wiper contacts, good time to clean them.  NOW…Very slow and careful, bend them to the side a little to match up to a clean spot on the resistor.

The Black circular piece you see in the resistor.  There is a worn area where the wiper has tracked for 50ish years.  I bent the wiper to find a clean area.

All the crimps are crimped and back to working order

Going back in, worked like a charm!  Only 1 solder connection changed by me.                The ground lug

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