Bling Guitar with Sustainer and Piezo

Mark started this guitar project as a drawing on a piece of paper and nicknamed it the “Flintstone” Guitar.    Dan Ransom built the neck and body and Gary put it together with to not so traditional electronics.  Moonscape finish by Mark.

The finished Project

We went through a few pickup and wiring revisions but ended up with the Fernandes Suatainer coupled with 2 Duncan Magnetic pickups.  We also added a Graphtech Piezo loaded TOM bridge to be able to switch from electric to acoustic sounds on the fly.

One day the guitar left the shop with a black “normal” finish……It came back a while later with a million holes carved into it and filled with metal.  It looks great!!

What is cool is Mark can sustain the acoustic output of the guitar with the sustainer electronics.    See if you can spot the 2 black sustainer switches….

Here is Mark posing with his work of art
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5 Responses to Bling Guitar with Sustainer and Piezo

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  2. Darren says:

    This looks unreal! I need this tone, do you have a wiring diagram for this (if you want to share)?

    Thanks a million!!!

  3. Mark Jeffery says:

    Cool, man!

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